Some information about LAKI® Coffee

The Product

LAKI® Coffee is a coffee beverage herbs to add vitality and stamina for Man

Composition : Instant Coffee, Panax Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Maca, Vegetable Creamer, Malt Extract, Glucose

Each sachet brewed with 150 ml of hot water stir until blended.

Reaction 30 minutes – 2 Hours (herbal)

LAKI® Coffee is safe to consume and does not have a negative effect on the bodies, especially for people with heart problems, hypertension / high blood pressure.


LAKI® Coffee can be found in outlets, drugstores, pharmacies or can be purchased online, contact our Service Hotline on 0857 1854 4100, or email:

Suggested Retail Price LAKI® Coffee is Rp. 100,000 / pack contains 5 sachets @ 25g

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference LAKI Coffee with Viagra ?

LAKI Coffee is Herbal supplements for men , Viagra is a drug that contains chemicals

What is the maximum sachet of LAKI Coffee is safe to drink in a day ?

LAKI Coffee can be drunk at any time because herbs , is not harmful to health , but it is recommended to drink as needed

Is drinking LAKI Coffee can be aroused ?

Functions of the LAKI Coffee are opens pores sensitive parts thus increasing libido

Is there a guarantee works in one drink ?

Depending on the body’s metabolism of each drinker, But we guarantee there will usefulness or effect a maximum of 3 hours

Is there an age limit to consume LAKI Coffee ?

No, but we recommended for adults age

How long does the process since the payment in money transfers until the goods reach the consumer ?

3 working days ( tentative )

Are exposed postage ?

Yes , the price listed does not include postage , postage borne by buyer

Are able to ship out of the country ?

We serve overseas shipping , postage borne by buyer

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